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Aladdin’s live-action release

Discover a whole new movie on a Magic Carpet ride.



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Disney Classics’ characters have become icons known and loved worldwide. In Disney’s new live-action Aladdin, one of these characters is the Magic Carpet, on which everyone has dreamed of flying on at least once.

What would happen if the Magic Carpet was really on sale?


A funny TV sale offers the one and only Aladdin's Magic Carpet. By all means, the most famous Carpet in the world deserves the most successful and persuasive presenter of the "realm”: the king of Italian home shopping, Giorgio Mastrota.

The Carpet’s extraordinary features are described with emphasis, to convince people to buy it, jump on board and get carried away in one of the most beautiful episodes among Disney fairy tales.


The video generated hundreds of thousands of views and shares; moreover, the toll-free number created for the initiative was almost overwhelmed with calls from people interested in buying the Magic Carpet. It was Giorgio Mastrota himself who answered the phone with a recorded message.