If your bag becomes a car, it can’t help but start you on a journey.






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With Car in a Bag, Braccialini aimed to tap into a very young market. Women who love the fashion and style of the Fiorentino brand and want to flaunt it every day.

A daily look requires a light simplicity without losing a touch of cheeriness or carefree fun.

We believe that someone who purchases a bag in the shape of a car can only be dreaming of a fantastic voyage.


“Love is a journey” celebrates CarinABag as an adventure partner. It is not just for everyday activities, but also for the aspirations within a lifetime, like the search for true love.

Via the use of a stop-motion technique, CarinABag commences a fantastic journey. From the depths of the sea to imaginary roads, among real objects that become anything but, thanks to the power of the imagination.

The destination? A dream come true.


CarinABag is a proven success, becoming the protagonist of an exclusive event at the Fabrique di Milano and being sold out within a few days both in the Braccialini boutiques and the online shop.

The star of a press campaign and a digital pr event involving various Italian fashion bloggers, CarinABag has given the Braccialini brand extensive recognition among millenials and the fashion addicted.