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Company calendar, fundraising campaign and Christmas video

12 stories to go beyond words and create a real social impact.



The Adecco Group Foundation



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Each year the Adecco Group Foundation’s calendar is dedicated to an important issue: social inclusion, equal opportunities, the fight against discriminations… These values are pivotal for the Foundation and guide its work day by day.

The 2020 calendar is an invitation to follow the example, going beyond words and helping the Foundation in generating a positive impact in the professional life of people in disadvantaged conditions.


The 12 months of the year were associated with as many words, inspired by real stories of professional emancipation from disadvantaged conditions. Each word was graphically interpreted by a talented illustrator, Ramona Iurato.

The artworks were conceived as independent pieces, to be cut out and framed as decorative paintings, and were later animated, for the Christmas video of the Adecco Group.

Together with the calendar, a fundraising campaign was launched to help the professional integration of young people with autism.


The fundraising campaign has seen a large participation by Adecco Group employees. The Christmas video based on the illustrations has reached an excellent number of views and shares.