Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Domino effect Covid-19

Make a difference, keep at distance.



Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers



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Italy is one of the hardest-hit countries in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Waiting for the vaccine to be discovered, after 2 months of quarantine, the only “weapon” available to citizens to get back to their lives safely is social distance.

How to clearly show the importance of this practice and the consequences of not adopting it?


The pivotal importance of social distance is shown through a catching visual metaphor: the domino effect.

On the one hand, it represents the high contagiousness of Coronavirus; on the other, it points out how each person's behavior can affect the whole community.

This is why the video appeals to the responsibility of each individual citizen, who can choose to make a difference, maintaining social distance and breaking the chain of infection.