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Meet a friend in Sydney.






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Sydney is one of the latest addition to THUN’s collections of ceramic figures. He is a koala, that comes from the Land Down Under; he has a sweet half named Adelaide, that he loves as much as eating eucaliptus and hugging anything. His only flaw is to be a little clumsy.

Such a lovely icon surely deserves to be introduced to the public in an unforgettable and joyful way.


If you want to get to know someone, travel together. Following this statement, to make people know and love the new THUN icon, Sydney, we realized a funny social 3D-video showing him on a “love pilgrimage” to the city of Adelaide, where his sweet half lives. On the way, the koala stops to enjoy some of his passions: eating eucalyptus, riding waves, playing boomerang...

Sydney’s adventure is yet another expression of the exquisite tenderness that characterizes all THUN icons.